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This tool is part of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.

The HTA Core Model Online contains a tool that enables production of HTA information using the HTA Core Model®. The site also includes a database of HTA information produced using the tool. The website is being developed and hosted at the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) with partial funding from the European Union.

Latest news

27.1.2016 A new HTA Core Model Licence as well as an updated policy document steering the utilization of the HTA Core Model and core HTA information are available here. Both documents contain also newly agreed on Guiding Principles on Use for the HTA Core Model. The Handbook and User Guide have been updated accordingly. The HTA Core Model version 3.0 is now available also in .docx format. If you have started using the model version published on Dec 4, 2015, please read Technical Note 1/2016.

4.12.2015 New version 3.0 of the HTA Core Model has been published here. The Handbook has undergone a major revision and contains new user guides for the Model itself and for the HTA Core Model Online. Also practical guidance for project groups is available from WP4.

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The IT-department of THL has regular maintenance breaks every last weekend of the month (except in December and January where the break is in the middle of the month). The service may be unavailable during these breaks.