Who can access the HTA Core Model Online?

Plenty of material in the HTA Core Model Online is available to anyone, including the contents of the Model, the Handbook and the collections of core HTA information. Production of HTA information using the site’s special features is limited to non-commercial parties. Publication of resulting HTA information is restricted to organisations that are EUnetHTA Partners or Associates. Other non-commercial users must publish elsewhere the HTA information they produce.

How do I get access to the HTA Core Model Online?

If your organisation is a EUnetHTA Partner or Associate, you can access HTA Core Model Online using your EUnetHTA id (the username and password to the EUnetHTA Intranet). If you do not have an EUnetHTA id yet or have forgot your password, please see http://intranet.eunethta.eu/user/password.

Other non-commercial parties can acquire a user name and password.

Why is my EUnetHTA id not working?

If you get an error "invalid username" or "server password is missing" when logging in, your account may be invalid. Please try to access the EUnetHTA Intranet first. Once you can access the Intranet you should be able to log in to HTA Core Model Online within 30 minutes.

Are there specific rules to follow when using the HTA Core Model Online?

The HTA Core Model is subject to a Licence. Use of information production features, that require logging in to the system, is limited to non-commercial use.